Wednesday, July 18, 2007

That deadline is a wonderful thing!

I haven't posted in a while and have been "gently" reminded by a couple of friends that I haven't (grin). My excuse is that I have been working on my entry for the NANZQ (National Association of New Zealand Quilters) Elemental Challenge. I have been cutting it a bit fine (as usual). Today is Wednesday and the closing day is Friday. Got it finished last night and in the mail today. Should get there in 1 or 2 days they tell me at the Post Office. I hope they are right. Aren't deadlines a wonderful thing? I would never get anything done without them.

The challenge involved interpret the elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth – in any way you wish in a quilt that must measure 150cm high x 50cm wide. This is an unusual size for a quilt. I chose Air and I wanted to show the idea of the weightlessness of air. It didn't turn out the way I was hoping but since I was doing it I have entered it anyway. It tlooks more like a thunderstorm than weightless air so I called it "There's a Storm in the air". It is my first time of entering a NANZQ challenge so I have entered it in the rookie class. I'm going to be brave and post a detail piccy:


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Great job! What kind of fabric did you use?

teodo said...

Ciao Helen,
As I opened the post and saw the picture, I thought: "It must be an 'angry' sky!" .......and it really was!
Very nice!
ciao ciao

meggie said...

Very intriguing. You will have to show us the full quilt, after the show.

Shelina said...

I haven't been brave enough to enter a quilt at any show. How nice that you are. Definitely looks like a storm to me as well - I look forward to seeing a pic of the whole thing.
I really like deadlines too, although I have let a couple of them pass me by.

Janice said...

Helen! that looks great! well done you for finishing and i can't wait to see the whole thing. Please let me know when you get confirmation of entry received and i'll ask my downunder office admin (jennifer) to see if i have a letter from them too. I think confirmation of acceptance is due before we return and even winners may be announced before we get back as well. Good Luck!