Thursday, November 30, 2006

How to post

Well I think I finally figured out that I can read my blog but I can't make a post from work, but I can from my home computer! I guess the system at work has blogger posting blocked.

I have been working on some postcards and would have put up a piccy, but its getting late and I have to get up at 5am tomorrow morning to take my homestay boy, Taigi, to the airport. So bye bye for now.....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What does BBB stand for?*

Earlier today I tried to do a post and, again, this blog didn't show up on my dashboard. But now it has. I wish I understood why these things happen. But, as someone said to me at work today, everything is mysterious to me. (now was that a compliment? No, perhaps not? I was on the computer at work when we had the conversation. Most things on the computer are mysterious to me. Oh well, I figure blogging will only improve my 'puter skills. My son has just walked past and read this post and he says not to say 'puter skills. I should say l337 h4x0r. And I've just told him I'll type dinner when I'm finished. Sheesh, must have been that 5am start I had today.)

Janice likes my 'Crazy Chaos' creation so I don't think I will chop it up. So guess what I'm going to be making tonight....

* Bloody Beta Blogger!!

Play Day

Being the usual gad about butterfly that I am I decided last night to make some post cards to use as gifts. I got out all my off-cuts of fabric with vlisofix already stuck on and had a play, putting them on a bacground piece of fabric and then ironing them into position when I had covered the background. The idea is to chop it up into postcard size pieces. But.....I kind of like it as it is. It called me its name - Crazy Chaos.

So now, do I have another mip (masterpiece in progress) or not? I'm no further forward on either the postcards or my Triple F challenge. (Well that's typical.) Do I chop it up or not? How much of a masterpiece would it be if I finished it as it is? What do I do for postcards now? Chop? Not chop? Chop? Not chop? Chop? ........

Monday, November 27, 2006

O Bother!

I tried to do a post last night and I couldn't get my blog to come up on my dashboard. So I started another blog at thinking I would never be able to get back to this one ( Today it seems that I can now get into this blog. I guess, as they say, blogger wasn't playing nice!!

Anyway I finished making the 4 flying geese borders for my Triple F Challenge. They are not sewn on yet as I have yet to choose an inner border fabric. I'm thinking about a dark green. I also have to decide what to put in the corners. The top left corner of the centre isn't very square is it? I'll have to fudge that when I sew the inner border on.

Friday, November 24, 2006


That was meant to be the Triple F, not the Tiple F, challenge. Well I suppose a tiple (or is it tipple) now and then doesn't hurt. (thanks Janice for being a very good spell checker) I also forgot to say that the participants had to use some of the fat quarter fabric each month.

In the Beginning

In the beginning.... I started blogging earlier this year when my friend Janice and I collaborated on a quilt for the Human Rights Challenge at the national Quilt Symposium in Palmerston North in January next year. You can see this blog over on

I have enjoyed blogging very much and so I've decided to start my own blog about my quilt making. I've been making quilts for over 25 years and I class myself as a classic quilt maker. This means I hope that some of my quilts become classics! Well its really more like classically I start a lot of things and finish a few, every now and then.

Right now I am working on a quilt top I designed for our local club over 4 months this year. I called it the Tiple F Challenge: the Fat quarter, Four block, Four month challenge. Each participant was given a wrapped fat quarter of fabric and each month got instructions for part of the quilt. Instead of making one block of the same size each month I designed it in bits and pieces. Here they are:

First month:

Second month:

Third month:

Fourth month:

Here it is all together:

All I have to do is get the border done, layer it, quilt it, bind it, label it all befor Saturday week! I don't think so somehow, specially if I spend any more time on the 'puter.