Friday, August 31, 2007

It's a Flimsy!

Wahoo, look what I got finished last night:

And look what I got finished tonight:

I'll be taking it along to club tomorrow to baste it ready to quilt. I just wish it was mine. I guess I'll have to buy quite a few of the raffle tickets, won't I? (or make another one for myself - yeah, right!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Project for the Week

It is Cotton On quilters this coming Saturday and I have been madly working on piecing the centre blocks for the raffle quilt, in the hope I get it done so we can baste it at club. There are 100 of these bunnies to join together:

And then the 4 borders and 4 corner blocks get sewn on. Did you know that 100 blocks, each with 8 points makes for a LOT of point-matching!

Monday, August 27, 2007

100th Post Prize Draw

Being the mathematically inclined person that I am I decided the easiest way to do the draw was to print out the comments, number them, and then use my trusty calculator to randomly generate a number between 1 and 24 inclusive (since there were 24 comments). The way this works on a Casio FX 82 is to key in "Ran # x 24 +1", push "=" and ignore the digits after the decimal point. The "+1" is so that the numbers generated go from 1 to 24 and not 0 to 23, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't, but hey, I don't mind :-)

And the winner is ... drum-roll ... comment #8, Chookyblue from New South Wales, Australia. Conratulations Chookyblue. Let me know your snail mail addy and your prize will be winging its way to you!

Thanks, everyone for participating. I had fun getting all your comments. Let's do this again sometime.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Does This Look Better?

Frances thinks I need to re-post the picture from my last missive so that it is on it's side. She thinks the finger grips look too... shall I say phallic? (Her words were "it looks like a packet of condoms.") Of course the thought never crossed MY mind!

Does this look any better?

Or this?

Definitely not this!

No, which ever way you look at it it still has that same basic shape!

I will be doing the draw for my 100th post give-away soon. You have until the end of today to "be in to win".

Monday, August 20, 2007

All the way from America!

Frances and I went to visit Janice last Saturday for a scrummy lunch and look what she brought back from her travels for me:
Frances got a nifty folding quick-un-pick (seam ripper). Thanks, Janice! (Janice was very clever about her gift-giving. We weren't expecting a gift but she was showing us the treasures she got and was watching us closely to see how we reacted to each one before she offered them to us!) I haven't tried out the finger grips yet. I imagine I wouldn't constantly have to keep removing my gloves to do things. Does anyone else use them?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally I made it ...

... to 100 posts that is. As promised (I know, it's over a week ago now-sorry!) I have some goodies to give away to a lucky winner drawn "out of the hat" from the names of those who leave a comment on this post. I'll give you two weeks 'cos I know only too well how life gets in the way of blogging! So leave a comment by 26 August and if you are posting anonymously you will have to include your name (so I know who you are - well, obviously, doh! lol.) Up for grabs is seven 5 1/2" by width of fabric strips of batiks cut from some of my recent purchases - and there have been many - it's quilt show season over here in NZ - not to mention the usual fabric shops I haunt which had fabric that just couldn't stay there!
That's 38 1/2 inches of fabric. Well over 1 yard for all the Americans out there and a tad under 1 metre for everyone else.

I had blogging woes with the other blog I administer, our club blog for Cotton On Quilters. Apparently they thought it was a spam blog and it disappeared off the face of the earth and took a while to find its way to a new home at I didn't get photos of our club meeting last week but there is still eye candy for you from previous months. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Such Is Life

I'd say it in French if I knew any :-)

I entered the challenge and my quilt was not selected. Never mind, I can now post a photo of the whole quilt. The title is "There's a Storm in the Air" and my Artist's Statement said "Light as air is, when the storm clouds are gathering the heaviness weighs one down." I used 2 layers of organza with Anglelina fibre as the middle layer. The quilt had to measure 150 cm long by 50 cm wide.
The good thing about entering a juried show is the critique, short though it was. The judges said "innovative use of layers of fabric, choice of fabric enhances the theme, beads may not be correct choice to embellish." I'm guessing they didn't like the beaded fringe along the bottom. At least I hope it was that and not the beading I used to indicate movement of the storm. Strangely enough the fringe was there because I thought the quilt needed some weight to hang properly. I never thought any further than that. So I am learning that everything on the quilt has to be part of the design. Onwards And Upwards!!

Look out for my next post. It will be my 100th (I promise this time) and I will have some goodies up for grabs.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Anyone want a challenge?

Margaret from Sewing and Quilt Gallery is looking for people interest in doing a mini-quilt swap. She has set up a blog especially for this and you can find all the information you need at Four Seasons Quilt Swap. Sounds like a really interesting thing to do. I'm feeling well committed at the moment but Margaret is inviting anyone to join in so I thought I would post the info for you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

97 and counting

Sheesh, I think I'm going to do lots of posts in quick succession and life gets in the way! Anyway we are up to post #97 and I'm still choosing the goodie bag to be won :-)

I have been working on the raffle Quilt for Cotton On Quilters, appliqueing leaves onto one of the borders. I've really enjoyed the relaxing hand work. This is how far we have got:
I need to tell you that I have not done all of this work myself! This is a group effort! Lots of members prepared the flowers, leaves and berries. I have appliqued the vines on all of the sections and the flowers on one of the corner blocks, and the flowers and leaves on the middle border. I still need to add the berries and that one will be finished. Rae did most of the flowers and all the leaves and berries on the top border. Frances did the rest of the 2 corner blocks and is working on the fourth border. Audrey did the flowers on the bottom border. I need to cut out the last 2 corner blocks and take the while thing to club on Saturday to give someone else an opportunity to contribute some stitching.

Speaking of club, our Cotton On Quilters blog had disappeared off the face of the earth! I have emailed blogger help but to no avail yet. Does anyone with more nous than me know what I can do to get it back??