Friday, December 28, 2007

Mum, You've Got Coordinates!

Is what he, of Honey Bunch fame, exclaimed last night as he walked by my design wall. "See, maths is useful," says I. He was referring to the little sticky labels I have put on each block for the new club banner. I have added the green quadrilaterals to the centre of half the blocks. I need to get these blocks joined together because my design wall is not long enough to get the other half of the blocks up at the same time. Hence the labels, so they get put in the right place when I am stitching.

Hey, I'm quilting!!


Janice said...

Its very very exciting seeing this quilt coming together!

Kim said...

This is a fun quilt design. Where is it going after you finish it?

meggie said...

That is lovely & bright.
Well done!