Saturday, January 26, 2008

Never mind the quilt, where's the shed?

Janice wants to see a picture of the shed. Well the problem with that is that it is not finished yet. We had a problem with the skylight panel. It was damaged and we got a replacement. All good and fine, but the replacement is too long. One could be excused for thinking that a kit set shed means just that! Open the box and put everything together, no cutting to size involved. Well, apparently not. The shed person I spoke to on the phone was surprised to find that our kit set shed came with a skylight panel cut to the correct length. We are supposed to cut it ourselves! That's what saws are for right? Yes, true, except we don't have a suitable fine tooth saw and we don't want to crack the panel when cutting it to the correct length. Hey, it costs $75 for a replacement panel! Then the house guest went up-river for 3 days of R&R, so no progress has been made for the last few days. I do have a shed, it just doesn't have a whole roof yet.

And on the subject of my house guest, some of you want a clone of him sent to you. Just as soon as I figure out how to do that I will be selling to the highest bidder :-)

On the quilting side this is what happens when I don't watch where my hands are. Just as well I only caught the edge:


Kim said...

Oh...I've been here before myself. At least you didn't sew into your finger like I did. Ouch!

You know, I've never heard of a kit being complete no matter what is made of it...sheds are awfully nice to have though.

meggie said...

Glad you are working on the clone!