Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pat myself on the back

Since I started teaching beginner classes last year at a local fabric shop I have been busy thinking up quilts to make as class samples and writing the patterns for them. This has challenged me to make more use of my computer, including EQ6 (in which I still don't know how to draw a 6o degree triangle!) Tonight I finally learned (now don't laugh) how to scan a picture into a file and then insert the picture into my pattern document (okay, you can stop laughing now!)

I thought I would draw my own pictures of how to do double fold binding. These are just the illustrations.

Okay, I have to work on not getting the edge of the paper showing, but not bad for my first attempt.


Janice said...

great illustrations! umm, what happened to the third one? its all blurred... And you can take them into your art programme to remove the paper edges. Did you get a photo tweaking programme with your scanner? I can guide you through doing that if you catch me online when you are ready. Or ring me to talk you through it - or just ask Jacob!

meggie said...

Very clear illustrations. I could have used those way back when I was just beginning!
You must be very busy if you are teaching.
Good luck with it all!

ROZ said...

I like your diagrams, you don't want to look too mechanical.

Kim said...

Not bad at all...great work!

atet said...

Isn't it fun learning new skill sets? I know I always get a little giddy when I'm able to figure out something new :0).