Sunday, June 22, 2008

I didn't even break the needle!

I was busy sewing the binding onto a quilt the other day. I don't pin the binding on, I just line it up as I sew and do the continuous corner thingy. As I was sewing along I felt a 'bump'. Hmmm I thought, what was that? Well, this is what 'it' was. I has sewn straight over a safety pin which was close to the edge of the quilt- and I didn't even break the needle! Clever me! I thought I had taken out all the pins but there was still one left (well - obviously.)

This is what it looks like with the binding folded away from the top of the quilt:
This is what it looks like with the binding folded back up:
I took these two photos at the same time. I don't know why the colours are so different. I'm such a total klutz at photos. The second photo is more true to life colour.

Now all I have to do is unpick it! It has been sitting, looking at me for a week. I have hand sewn the binding down around 3/4 of the quilt. I feel kind of reluctant to undo my really clever achievement :-)


Sew Create It - Jane said...

WOW you are very lucky. I know what kind of damage a straight pin can do...never mind a safety pin!

loulee1 said...

Well at least you realised before the pin was totally enclosed! Not me, and it's still there. It will stay there, forever!

meggie said...

How curious! Glad you didn't break a needle, or sustain damage.I am doing some binding at present too.

Elaine Adair said...

You are not a klutz at taking photos. While I don't remember the techie explanation, there is something built into your camera that does the color thing, without your knowledge. (hey, my instruction book - the English part - is about 63 pages of teensy print so I glossed over the geekie explanation.)

Glad you lucked out on that pin thing. 8-) And the pale green, misty color is lovely.