Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Invasion!!!

This time of an extremely welcome sort - visiting quilters from England! I got a phone call last Friday from a lady called Pat who is visiting Wanganui with the Friendship Force group. She had visited the local patchwork shop and asked if there is a quilting group in Wanganui. The shop gave her my number and she called to ask if she and some of the quilting ladies from the tour group could come and visit after dinner on Sunday evening to talk patchwork and quilting. Of course, I said yes.We have just finished a delightful hour and a half getting to know each other and I now have new friends from the other side of the world and an invitation to visit the Isle of Wight - as long as I plan my visit around the second Thursday of the month which is when their guild meeting is held :-)

All I have to do now is win Lotto!
Along with Pat came her sister Sue and friend Nava all from the Isle of Wight, and Joy from Southampton. I have to confess I didn't get the fourth lady's name so I am expecting (hoping!) Pat to read this blog post at some time when she gets back home and let me know.


The missing name is Sue L. She is new to quilting and doesn't belong to any group. I hope she was inspired by what she saw at my place.

I am hoping to meet Nava again next weekend. I am going to Calico Christmas, the Auckland Patchwork and Quilters' annual show, and Nava is expecting to be there too. We have made a loose arrangement to meet for lunch. I am so looking forward to this!

And, yes, I know it is almost 2 months since I have posted. Life has been in the fast lane lately. I have hardly got near the computer andI have 2798 blog posts to read - ahem!


meggie said...

Busy is no excuse!!
Just joking, good to see you again, & how nice for you to have met those lovely ladies. Enjoy Auckland!

Ali Honey said...

That was nice. I will look out for you at calico Christmas - i'll be there on Saturday. Our group is bringing a bus up for the day like we did last year. Yipee.