Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This one is for Janice!

Here is the new shed, in all its glory :-)
The washing line to the left and back of the shed is now gone and a new one has been put up to the left and front of the shed. an unexpected bonus in getting a new clothesline was that it has 6 rounds of lines instead of the 4 my old one had. Yipee! More washing! Ha!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Never mind the quilt, where's the shed?

Janice wants to see a picture of the shed. Well the problem with that is that it is not finished yet. We had a problem with the skylight panel. It was damaged and we got a replacement. All good and fine, but the replacement is too long. One could be excused for thinking that a kit set shed means just that! Open the box and put everything together, no cutting to size involved. Well, apparently not. The shed person I spoke to on the phone was surprised to find that our kit set shed came with a skylight panel cut to the correct length. We are supposed to cut it ourselves! That's what saws are for right? Yes, true, except we don't have a suitable fine tooth saw and we don't want to crack the panel when cutting it to the correct length. Hey, it costs $75 for a replacement panel! Then the house guest went up-river for 3 days of R&R, so no progress has been made for the last few days. I do have a shed, it just doesn't have a whole roof yet.

And on the subject of my house guest, some of you want a clone of him sent to you. Just as soon as I figure out how to do that I will be selling to the highest bidder :-)

On the quilting side this is what happens when I don't watch where my hands are. Just as well I only caught the edge:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Something Finished - finally!

Oh no, another whole month goes by and I have been a bad blog writer! Only excuse is I have been really, really busy (yeah, right!)

I got sidetracked by my new home stay offering to build a garden shed for me. He is a young new teacher from England who will be teaching in the same department as me at school. He was looking for somewhere to stay until he gets himself sorted with more permanent accommodation. The first day he offered to paint my house. The second day he offered to do any handy-man jobs I needed doing. Then he asked if there was anywhere to store a push bike. I don't have a garden shed and my garage is tiny. So we agreed in return for some free rent I would purchase a kit set shed and he would put it up. He built a proper floor for it and put in a step (It is on sloping ground - no where else for it to go). The washing line needed moving so the shed can fit, so he is putting up a new rotary clothes line for me. He clears the table after dinner and unpacks the dishwasher without asking and has one quarter of the washing a 15 year old Japanese boy produces. Okay, it is costing me money rather than contributing to my cash flow but HE CAN STAY HERE! (Do you think he can hear me shouting?)

We also had a stall at the Bushy Park Festival last Sunday and I was madly getting things ready for that. We had fantastic weather:

Here is the Bright Irish Chain finished. Not a great photo but I am pleased with the quilt:

Now, no prizes for guessing how long it will be before I next make a post. (but I will send a fabric postcard to some lucky commentor on this post)