Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the Exhibition

My quilt, Poetry in Motion, did not win any ribbons (boo hoo), but it was very well hung at the exhibition, facing the entrance to the main part of the Academy of Fine Arts. I don't think I posted a photo of the finished quilt so here it is:
Some people liked it enough to take pictures of it :-)
And some very nice comments made by people visiting the exhibition were overheard by my 'spies'. So I shall have to be content with that, and the fact that it was accepted in the first place.

Apparently, so I am told, Quilt Wellington 2009 is the first quilt show any where in the world to require only original designs or designs that no one else has any copyright claim to. So is this where I stake my claim to the design of this quilt, the block, block sashing and border design, and the right to vary the centre design of the block in any way I see fit, since any variation in the centre of the block will not, in the opinion of the judges, create a new original design?

Best in Show was Petone Hospital Blanket by Katherine Morrison:


teodo said...

It's fantastic!
ciao ciao

Ruth's Place said...

It is wonderful!

Ali Honey said...

Congratulations it is lovely. The fact that it was accepted is great in itslef. There has been much grumbling . Apparently only 50% of the quilts fitted the original requiremnet.

meggie said...

I think you deserved a place, but it was an hounour to have it accepted. Very interested to read Ali's comment~ isn't it always the way? I think this is why I long ago steered well clear of 'competitions'.