Sunday, December 13, 2009


My friend Ruth turned up the other night with this little baby (on the left) which is exactly like my little baby (on the right). We think they are the exact same model since both have the light switch in the exact same position and both have the Singer 50th commemoration plaque on the front. The code number on the bottom starts with different letter though. Ruth hadn't had time to search on the net for the year of her machine. Of my Friday night group 5 of us now have these little Featherweights. We shall have to have a light-as-air sew-in!


Anonymous said...

Plaque is from 1951 but singer had machines from 1948 to 1951 in stock and the laque was put on many machines. So check singer - date your machine and go with the model number for the exact year.

Sunshine said...

Hi Helen!

I was just about to answer the comment you left on my blog, but I see I can't because you're set to "no-reply comments". If you want, you can fix that really easily by following these steps that Anne blogged about ( - after you do that, anyone you leave a comment for can reply to you :) Leave one on my blog and I'll tell you if it works *grins* (way to increase my comments, haha).

Anyway, here's my reply, hope it makes sense to you without the original text!

REALLY? Steam. O gosh, I don't know if I can... it's been drilled into me to never iron a finished quilt and to never ever ever use steam at any step of the quilting process. Oh my :) I'm truly brainwashed!

If I try this steaming business on the quilt I just test-washed, that poor thing is going to be the sorriest Guinea pig in the world ;)

I'll try to work up my guts to get steaming on that quilt :) Thanks for the tip! Though you're asking a lot of me *lol*.

Leah's site is pretty great, I've noticed your comments there too!


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Lis said...

Hi Helen, the Featherweights are gorgeous. Can I suggest you go to to find out more about the machines? I discovered quite a bit there. Good luck, Lis x