Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Off it goes - without the label!

I did finish quilting this quilt a couple of weeks ago but since school started I have had little time to sit at the computer to make a post (well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). He, of Honey Bunch fame, moved on Sunday to his new flat for his second year at Uni.This quilt was supposed to be finished a whole year ago, ready fall the Halls of Residence. Well, only a year late. At least I got it done for the new flat:-)
It is called 'City Slicker'
The only trouble was I forgot to sew a label on it and when I remembered I ran out of time.I hope he looks after it!

The colour above isn't quite true. This close up of the quilting is better:


Janice said...

Its gorgeous Helen! great design and perfect colours for a young man.

Shasta said...

It's beautiful. Great design and great colors.

Kayjay said...

I love this quilt Helen. Is this another of your own patterns. It's gorgeous.

The fabric I have used in my latest disaster I got from Evans in Lower Hutt. The Selvedge says La La La pattern made in Japan but I may have to get more so will check out the designer for you. It was very hard to match up with other colours though.. think that's why it looks nothing..