Thursday, July 15, 2010

Press and Seal

Long time, no blog, no real excuse except life has been really busy.

I had a lovely 'day in the country' sewing day with Janice yesterday. I took along "Tabasco Sauce", the top I made oh, was it a couple of years ago?, from the left-over blocks I made for the Cotton On Quilters Banner Janice and I made for our Club. I finally got around to basting it up and was trying to decide how to quilt it. Janice recommended using Press and Seal to cover the quilt. I could then draw all over the Press and Seal to get an idea of how I want to section the quilting:

This is a way cool idea to audition quilting designs. Janice says NOT to sew through the Press and Seal. She says to just cut it apart to reveal the section to be worked on. Here are some close-ups:

Janice also gave me a quick lesson on zentangle quilting and here is her quick plan for quilting "Tabasco Sauce":


Lis said...

Welcome back to blogland Helen. I like that idea of using the press n seal but would be scared the pen would slip under or round and mark the quilt top, you seemed to manage though so maybe I'll be brave :)

Nellie's Needles said...

I'm really late to catch up with your project. I like Press'n Seal for marking out quilt designs this way, as well. I have read that P'nS will remove easily after quilting through it IF it's warmed with an iron through a press cloth. I haven't had a project going for me to try that out on, but I believe it would work. Otherwise, it's a real pain to tear away from the stitching.