Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Trio of Baby Quilts

At the beginning of this year my very good friend Claire and her husband Terry volunteered to paint the cladding on my house - wow, a fantastic offer which, of course, I accepted with alacrity. They refused to take any recompense for their efforts so when Claire told me they were expecting their very first grandchild I offered to make them a baby quilt. Claire's late Mum was a quilter and had made a quilt for each of her existing grandchildren so I knew the offer would be appreciated.

Claire told me they expectant parents were hoping for a boy so I started making a quilt using some of the patterns from the book "A Boy's Story" by Anni Downs. While that quilt was in progress Claire announced that another grandchild was in production (not twins, one daughter and one daughter in law). So I started on a girl's quilt using some printed fabric I have had for ages, on the assumption that it is more likely one might be a boy and the other a girl. Then Claire announce she thought they were both having girls - no scans mind you, just the gut feeling of the parents involved. Thus a third quilt was started, another for a girl adapted from a pattern publish in American Patchwork and Quilting's magazine Quilts and More.

I had plenty of time to make these quilts as the babies were not due until December and January and I finished both the girl's quilts. Then Claire told me the first grandchild had been born early and was a boy! Back to finishing the boy's quilt, which is why I have made a trio of baby quilts.Let's hope the January baby is a girl. Claire says she is fairly sure it is. I will let her choose which of the girl's quilts she wants. The first is called "A Bit of a Boy's Story", the second is "Little People" and the third is "Woven Marshmallow"

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