Saturday, September 15, 2012

This looks like fun

American Quilters Society are hosting an on-line Modern Mystery Quilt designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. I love their work and I have plenty of solid scraps to use up so I though I would join in. It runs for 6 weeks with one part each week so it will be 'short and sweet', so I thought. It really does pay to read the instructions, ha ha!

We had to make 10 rectangular blocks starting with a variety of coloured fabrics cut in sizes ranging from 1" by 4" to 2" by 8" for the centres of the blocks. So far so good. Lots of scraps which fit that criteria live at my house. Then we had to surround these centres with a another coloured fabric (eack block a different colour) so that each strip added is  different width. Yep, I get that. The rectangles finish at between 2 1/2" and 5" high. Cool, I've got lots of long strips to do that.

What I didn't read clearly was that the blocks had to finish between 14" and 17" long. I made mine too short. So this morning I added more pieces to the ends. So instead of adding a single piece to each end mine have several pieces to make them long enough. More seams than is necessary and a couple of them are slightly too short and I have no more scraps in those colours. Since I have no idea where these odd shaped blocks will fit in the grand scheme of things I am going with what I have done :-)

You camn find the instructions and what is is supposed to look at here:

And this is what my blocks look like!

That green one is pretty wonky and has 2 different fabrics for the green 'cos I had no more of the first green.I might end up re-making that one but for now it stays.

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Janice said...

cool! will you post each week? I'd like to print out the instructions and make it later...