Wednesday, August 1, 2007

97 and counting

Sheesh, I think I'm going to do lots of posts in quick succession and life gets in the way! Anyway we are up to post #97 and I'm still choosing the goodie bag to be won :-)

I have been working on the raffle Quilt for Cotton On Quilters, appliqueing leaves onto one of the borders. I've really enjoyed the relaxing hand work. This is how far we have got:
I need to tell you that I have not done all of this work myself! This is a group effort! Lots of members prepared the flowers, leaves and berries. I have appliqued the vines on all of the sections and the flowers on one of the corner blocks, and the flowers and leaves on the middle border. I still need to add the berries and that one will be finished. Rae did most of the flowers and all the leaves and berries on the top border. Frances did the rest of the 2 corner blocks and is working on the fourth border. Audrey did the flowers on the bottom border. I need to cut out the last 2 corner blocks and take the while thing to club on Saturday to give someone else an opportunity to contribute some stitching.

Speaking of club, our Cotton On Quilters blog had disappeared off the face of the earth! I have emailed blogger help but to no avail yet. Does anyone with more nous than me know what I can do to get it back??


loulee1 said...

I do like your borders. Very pretty.

ruth said...

The borders look wonderful!

Rose Marie said...

Lovely and a lot of work involved here!