Monday, October 8, 2007

I wish this one was mine!

I found some more retreat photos I forgot to get off the camera and here is a quilt on one of the beds. Frances had the privilege of sleeping under this beauty. Karen at Parklee has just recently finished it. She said it was for her son and daughter-in-law but they didn't like the colours, until the quilt was finished and then they liked it very much! (Apparently they were tough out of luck having already turned it down - I guess it was a case of looking the gift horse in the mouth!) I like it too. I wish it was (or should that be 'were'?) mine.
I think Karen said the quilting was done by Jacqui Karl. Jacqui does fantastic work on her domestic Bernina. She is a wonderful tutor and makes beautiful quilts in a wide range of styles. We have her booked for another workshop next year.

This is the quilt that I slept under (an "oldie but a goodie"):

P.S. I forgot to say that Frances said I was allowed to say she was in her jim-jams early of Friday night at the retreat (see her nightie in the photo in the previous post.) She said that a lot of you will totally be able to relate to that!


loulee1 said...

Two beautiful quilts. I sure wouldn't turn down either of them.

kirsty said...

I recognise that quilt!! That was from one of Jennie's Surprise Half-Nighters!

Elaine Adair said...

Two beauties indeed!

teodo said...

Two beautiful quilts,
the second it seems so hot
ciao ciao

meggie said...

Two wonderful quilts!
Fancy looking a gift like that in the mouth!