Friday, October 26, 2007

Quilting Content - and about time too!

This blog has been bereft of actual real quilting content (as opposed to the fabric acquisition content) so I thought I would post a photo of a teaching sample I have made. Recently I was asked if I would teach some beginners quilting classes as a local fabric shop and this is what I came up with. It measures about 85 cm square and I am calling it the "Rookie Quilt"

I'm teaching it in 6 parts, both in an evening class for 6 weeks and a Saturday class for 3 weeks with double lessons. We have done the nine patch blocks and the inner border(the blue & red bit.) in the evening class and the Saturday class starts tomorrow. I have to say I wasn't totally happy with the design or my fabric choices but deadlines loom and sometimes you just have to go with what you've got.


Karol-Ann said...

We are always our own harshest critic! I think it looks great (I love anything with hearts so I can't help myself LOL). it looks like a good way to learn lots of different things and to end up with a lovely piece.

Shelina said...

I think that is a great quilt to start newbies out with - the nine patch is great for squares and strip piecing, the flying geese for the triangles, and you even have applique thrown in there. Your quilters will be off to a great start with this one.

paula, the quilter said...

And if the heart is appliqued by hand so much the better because it teaches convex and concave in hand stitching. I have been considering the Dutchman's Puzzle block (the center of your quilt) as my contribution to the BOM that I'm participating in every month. My quilting group consists of the newest of new beginners and very advanced quilters. I thought about teaching them the "No Waste" flying geese method as part of the block. I like your little quilt and it is a good beginners quilt to teach.

loulee1 said...

Red, white and blue, whats wrong with those colours?
I think it's a sweet wee quilt and you should pat yourself on the back.

Kim said...

I like this quilt project design and the fabric, too. Has good color matches for a basic lesson in use of color, offers practice in joining pieces that require(or a least suggest?) a perfect point and alignment to be accurate without a huge amount of difficulty. Hand appliqué is fun to learn. I want to learn reverse appliqué at some point.

Because I had years of sewing experience I figured it would be fine to purchase a simple quilt pattern, fabrics and quilt making tools, read the instructions then jump right in! Didn't occur to me that I could take a class or make a small project that offers several types of quilt lessons first...went for the big project...then took the class's. :)

My "Bear Paws in the Blueberry Patch" quit (in my blog archive)is my first full size quilt project. I think it turned out okay. I also made a wall hanging that remains to be blogged. I should put it on there. It would offer a good lesson as to why classes are a really great idea!