Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bicycle Clips

Being a Gadget Girl I have, among a zillion other quilting gadgets, a set of bicycle-type clips for securing a rolled quilt when quilting on a domestic machine. I have to say I have not found them that useful and I usually scrunch the quilt up while I am quilting. Last week I was able to use Janice's Swiftquilter and Juki to quilt my "Night Metropolis" quilt. The Swiftquilter does not have a fourth roller for the batting and at the beginning of the quilting process the excess hangs on the ground. I had a bright idea! Roll it up over a spare curtain rood and secure it with the bicycle clips. It worked pretty good:
Yes, I confess, that batting is leftover pieces sewn together. Yes, I joined the pieces with the sewing machine. Yes, I realise the quilt may not be all that flat (in fact I will be very surprised if if is flat). Well, it is a scrap quilt!

I am heading out to Janice's again tomorrow to finish off the quilting on "Night Metropolis". I think I've got carried away with the amount of quilting on it. I've done all the 'windows' and I need to go back and quilt the 'attic' frame part. I'd better head off to bed early then. What? It's 11.41 pm already? Oh well, at least I still have one week of holidays to go :-)


Elaine Adair said...

I ALWAYS piece my batting scraps (of similar content) together, and have never had a problem (knock on wood!). My quilts stay square, and hang correctly (although I usually don't hang then). Hay, ya jes' can't through those pieces away!

Good tip!

Elaine Adair said...

... forgot to mention ... I had those bicycle clips - for my use they didn't work at all, and I threw them away.

I've got a few gadgets that aren't worth anything for my use, but I guess we have to try them all, don't we? 8-)

meggie said...

I wonder if the bicycle clips would work on the table? I do all my basting on the table top, as I cant afford to have them done professionally, nor can I clamber about on the floor any more.
Kiwis are always using "No 8 wire & hope"

Molly said...

Have been browsing through some of your posts and burst out laughing at the scraps! It's like it'd be a sin or something if I'd just scoop the piles of them on my sewing table into the bin. Surely I wouldn't burn in hell for that? But I can't do it. Physically can't. Mentally can't. If I could , I'd have a tidy sewing room....sigh....and possibly even a tidy life. But then I think, tidiness is overrated, chaos is much more productive and much more fun!