Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Slow Progress

This is one of the applique blocks that I have been working on over the last few months. The challenge for me was to design something original and I was hoping to have this quilt finished in time to enter for Symposium but this is not going to happen! Entries are due in by 14 January and my quilt top is still in pieces, some of which haven't even been pieced yet, let alone getting it basted and quilted in the next 3 weeks! (drat - I won't be winning Best of Show for a while, will I?) There are 25 of these, all in different fabric, and I still have 5 to finish off. Then they are surrounded by a pieced sashing which I am having difficulty getting the colour values right for and I have done only about 10% of what I need to have done. Oh, well there is always next time.


teodo said...

Happy work Helen!
ciao ciao

Pixie said...

oh come on, make it smaller or something...give it a whirl! I confess I haven't started my entry yet, but I'll do it, probably end up working on it til 3am some nights, but I'll do it. It's all in my head so far. Merry Christmas!