Friday, January 2, 2009

The Plan Develops

It is now half past eleven in the morning and I have been up since 6. I've done 2 loads of washing, drunk two coffees and eaten 1 piece of Christmas cake. I've also done heaps of sewing. This is what the quilt is looking like now:
Yegads! It's a bit of a mess, is it not? Is it working as a design? I'm in the "what on earth do I think I am doing' stage. I'm telling myself it will look much better from 10 metres away. Maybe the borders will help pull it together.

I still have all the borders to piece - and all the quilting to do (and the basting, and the binding, forgot about those bits) Am I mad? Well, maybe the jury's still out on that one but the chances are I am. I have to be to put myself on such a tight deadline. But I'm not giving up now (and I treasure every moment of my long summer holidays, thank you for asking.)

Back to the machine for me.


Janice said...

yes, yes! its working - you'll see when you have it sewn together. It just looks a bit messy because the sashing blocks aren't sewn to the centre blocks. I love it.

Janice said...

And also, I really like the dark edge you've got going there.

Ali Honey said...

Wow! you've made good progress. It is really interesting the way the dark star shapes are appearing.

Did you make up the design....I've never seen it before?

Karen said...

Helen, it's looking great. Keep going .... it is going to be amazing. You are so clever.