Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quilting with Juki

I want one of these:
This wonderful machine belongs to my very good quilting buddy, Janice. Usually it sits on a Swiftquilter frame in Janice's studio but she has very nobly allowed Juki to have a holiday at my olace - a working holiday of course! There is so much more room under the arm than my Elna. It is a great workhorse and having needle up/needle down makes it so much more useful than my old Singer which 'runs on' after taking your foot of the pedal. It is so much easier to control what I am stitching. Thank you Janice.

The basting method I used has proved to be very successful. I have NO puckers from the quilting. I have had some trouble with the basting thread catching in the needle threader as I move the quilt around, but that is probably due to a lack of willingness on my part to clip the basting threads in the area I am working on rather than a deficiency in the basting method itself :-) After I had quilted around each block centre I removed all the basting thread and that solved that problem.

I am so rusty with my quilting. I haven't done any for ages and I am not happy with some of the work I have done. I will be getting out the quick-un-pick to fix up some of the "oops" parts. I think the reason those commercial quilters are so good is that they are quilting regularly. The rest of us have to wait until we actually get a top finished before we can polish our quilting skills. That's maybe 3 or 4 times a year??


Nola G said...

Hi Helen
That board method looks like a great way to baste a large quilt. Must try it. I love thread basteing. Well worth every extra minute spent doing it. Everything stays nice and flat, and straight edges stay straight. And I hate all those nasty safety pins. The people who say that thread basteing doesn't hold as well as pins are obviously not doing it right.
I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt finished. It looks great.

meggie said...

I watched the video for basting, & thought, 'I would be sure to forget to snip!'