Thursday, February 1, 2007

Thanks and web rings

Thank you to all you kind people who loved the piece from my Symposium class - and not one of you mentioned I had the spelling of Symposium wrong in the title (it's fixed now). Aren't you a polite, well mannered lot? The piece is quite small, about 11" by 16". I haven't got to working anything more on the second part. At the moment it is just a rectangle of fabric quilted with a rainbow thread in horizontal and vertical lines, which I will then embellish, but I want to undo the quilting and do it again so it shows up more. (Some of my friends will remind me that I have a talent for undoing quilting.) I probably won't resume work on it until next week. The third part is just an idea in my mind. But I am determined that it will not be another UFO.

You may have noticed the SC Quilters logo that has appeared on the side of my blog. I have joined the Southern Cross Quilters web ring, which has been recently set up for members of the said yahoo group. I'd really like to be a part of the Quilt Mavericks ring because yours are the first blogs I read when I started this whole bloggy, digital penpal thingy - and I love your styles of quilting. So I guess I had better get there and ask if I can join. I promise I won't be broken hearted, downcast and sulky if you refuse. Honest!

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