Sunday, February 25, 2007

No wonder there is no sewing going on around here!

It has been a beautiful weekend of hot sun and relaxed afternoon sleeps, interspersed with cooking Roast Lamb for Saturday Night Dinner, Sunday Lunch at the lake cafe, grocery shopping and about 10 loads of washing! So you think that's why there is no sewing going on around here? Ha! Have a look at this photo of my sewing area:

You need to look very carefully. See the office chair I use for sewing? See the white foot pedal under the table by the chair? That is where I sew with my Elna. The foot pedal is in the right place. But where, I hear you asking, is the Elna? Now look at the top right hand corner. Can you see where my Elna is? It moved! The cords unplugged themselves and the Elna moved!! How dare it, the cheeky thing. The cords and the Elna are not making the connection. I can't reach my Elna from my sewing chair and if I could, it wouldn't go, - no connection, no power! Not only that, the space where my Elna should be is cluttered up with 'just a few' stray objects. See the chair and long table in the left of the picture? That is my cutting area. The green cutting mat can hardly be seen. In fact, every available horizontal surface has clutter. Have a look from this angle:

See how bad it is. The only thing on my design wall is an ironed blouse which my cleaner did last Wednesday for me. It hadn't even migrated to the wardrobe. No wonder there is no sewing going on around here!

Anyway, I have had a little (emphasis on little)
tidy up. I moved the machine back to its rightful place and connected it up - everything else looks just as bad! And some sewing did get done today. Frances, in collaboration with Janice is designing a block of the month for any of our club members who want to do a sampler at our Stitch'n'Baste morning techniques training session. Frances also asked if we could make an extra block to go toward a community quilt as that is our focus as a club for the next couple of months. So I decided tonight I would at least make a couple of blocks:

The top block is what it should look like, and the name of the block is 'Crockett's Cabin'.

Oops, the bottom block is supposed to look like the same arrangement as the top block.
Oh, dear!

Have I "designed" an original block, do you think? Or do I need to do some reverse sewing?


Janice said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Roast lamb, yum!! The Crockett's Cabin block looks good made up but when I look at the second one I think you stayed up too late... if you don't want to unpick the it you can put it in your orphan block stash. You'll soon have enough for a quilt!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Un-sewing, my least favorite task! Great post... loved the 'real life' pics.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

It feels good to not be alone in the clutter building up where it stifles getting down to business. Usually it takes expectation of a visitor(s) to get mine organized.

I would use that mis-sewn block. It adds the element "that only God is perfect" to a quilt. Plus, it can be a delightful surprise to spy an out of place shape.

Elaine Adair said...

Let me in, let me in, so I can peek at all your good stuff in that room! Admittedly, it may be cluttered, but I sure would have fun checking it all out!

ruth said...

You could keep it as your 'humility' block...

Helen Conway said...

I love seeing sewing spaces - this one speaks to me of enthusiasm and passion - ideas just spilling all over the place waiting to be made into beautiful things. Oh and its worse than my sewing space so I can show my husband to prove I'm not that bad after all!

I've just posted a reply to your comment on my site if you are interested.

mereth said...

Yep, that's a busy room, but I think I'd be right at home in it. I can't stand these sewing spaces that look as if Better Homes and Gardens are calling to do a picture shoot.They can't be very productive, I'd rather have the clutter and get something done.