Saturday, March 31, 2007

One is done!

I thought I would have both of my community quilts done by last Saturday but life (and work) got in the way. One is now done. This top was pieced by another member of Cotton On Quilters for her son, but she never finished it, decided she didn't want to finish it and donated it for a community quilt. I added the blue border, basted it and quilted it. I had hand stitched down all but about a metre of the binding and there it sat! For over 2 weeks! Kirsty over on two time leaves made a post this week titled "Drowning In Failure". That title pretty much summed it up for me, nothing done for ages!! (the story of my life?)

I had my Friday night group last night and I decided that this was the time to get it finished.

I also got the binding on one side of the second one done. I wonder how long it will sit? Better get it done by club next weekend. Which is Easter. Which is the start of the holidays. Yeah! Which is just as well because I have just realised I have booked myself up for just about every Saturday for the next couple of month! All for something quilty of course. The house work will just have to sit and sit and wait.

Today: Off to a sewing day with my friend Janice. She makes wonderful, innovative quilts, has won awards for them, and she now has her own blog, Quilts, Grandkids and Delphiniums. I invite you to go visit.

Next Saturday is Club day. We are having the Head of Art from the school I teach at to come and give us a basic colour theory lesson.

Saturday after that is a get together for members of my online yahoo group Kiwiquilters.

Saturday after that is a class with well known and international award-winning NZ quilter Anna Williams at the Cloth Shop printing photographic images of flowers onto fabric to make a wall hanging. This will be completely new to me!

Then I have one Saturday off.

First Saturday in May I am going to a big regional show and tell day organised by Rose City Quilters called "Tote & Gloat".

The Saturday after that our club is running a workshop by another well known NZ tutor Jacqui Karl (no link for Jacqui. I don't think she has an internet site).

So I am going to be a very busy bee and more stuff will sit unfinished! Oh well, never mind.


Shelina said...

I'm glad you found your pins. And you finished your quilt, right? Congratulations! You have to celebrate your successes.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Celebrate the victories!! The quilt is phenomenal... everything else will indeed sit and wait. Enjoy your holidays.

kirsty said...

I'm so sorry to be missing Tote n Gloat AGAIN! Have a wonderful day :) and give my love to Jacqui (you can also tell her from me that it's high time she got herself a web site!!!) Your quilt looks fabulous - hope you're taking it to T n G.