Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Standing Up For Sewing

I was checking all my blog reads last night and was admiring the new sewing cabinet that Helen has shown on her blog Patchwork of Mini Grey . She was talking about now being able to sew sitting down. My goodness she sewed standing up! I asked her "Don't you know that the only reason all of us (un)famous quilters didn't get to feature on Simply Quilts is because we can't sew standing up!? Can any of you other lovely quilting bloggers out there sew standing up? Perhaps in the days of deep vein thrombosis we should all do it that way.

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Helen said...

Ahhh Helen! My very own post!! I'm blushing! LOL My resons for sewing standing up were more practical than anything else. With 2 small kids, my sewing is in bursts. Easier to stand, sew, stop, change a DVD, wash a face, make a sandwich, break up a fight! :) And also my machine has a little stop start button which means I don't have to get out the foot pedal, very handy! Watch out for me on the front cover of the next edition of Simply Quilts hey! LOL :) Helen

PS - Didn't even know you girls had SL in NZ! They were quilting cottons I got today, Timeless Treasures, very nice prints for a change.