Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ugly, Ugly?

Do you ever find yourself making a quilt which seemed a good idea at the time, but when you get nearly all the way through you decide it is the most hideous thing you have ever seen? I was trying to come up with a relatively simple design for a beginner quilt using just half square triangles and a minimum amount of cutting. I came up with this:

Now, the maths of this really appealed to me. 8 fabrics of 1/2 metre each in a 'rainbow' effect. With an extra metre to do the extra strips at the top and bottom, making a total of 5 metres of fabric. Cutting was easy, with 8 triangles from a width-of-fabric strip. Piecing was easy, big triangles, not too many pieces. No border, just needs a binding after quilting. Comes out at single bed size - great size to make. Easy to quilt if you do zig zag lines. Simple huh? So simple I cut another one out of floral fabrics before I pieced this one together.

So why do I hate it? It is very bright, much brighter than this picture shows. It probably looks better on a bed than it does in the vertical plane. But it is just not 'doing it' for me. It has been hanging around my sewing area half quilted and I just can't get enthused to do any more. Mind you I am free motion quilting it fairly densely. I am considering it quilting practice. I'm doing different free-motion pattern in each of the colours. I will get there in the end. The floral one is still languishing in pieces, aaarrgh!


Janice said...

the idea is BRILLIANT - it may the colours that aren't quite right though - its hard to tell that from a photo and i didn't see it for real a i didn't stay for the meeting last month - the photo does show it at show and tell doesn't it? I'd like to see the floral fabric progression because the idea is really worth pursuing.

Rose Marie said...

It is a great idea for a quilt and the effect is lovely. What about tea dyeing or Ritz Dye to tone down the brightness? You know, any child would love this quilt as is! The brighter, the better for them.

SueBK said...

Cut it into equal sized squares, then re sew them as a stack and slash. If it's already quilted, you could fit everything together QAYG style with black binding. The black would break up with bright a bit. I love black and brights.