Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yep, It's August Already!

Totally, totally slack I have been. Three months since making a post. I won't be surprised if there is no one still looking out for me, but I'm going to give it another go to stay connected to the virtual quilting world. I have just spent the last 3-4 hours updating the Cotton On Quilters blog with 3 month's worth of Show & Tell, so take a hike over there if you are in the mood for a quilt show.

I have actually been doing some quilting. My friend Rosie from school discovered at the beginning of the year she was pregnant. Remember the "I'd rather be 40 than pregnant" coffee mugs that used to be around a few years ago? Rosie is proof that the pill does not always work. Rosie and her husband have 2 children already. Daughter, aged 15, was highly disgusted when told the news and had to ask Dad if he knew about the 'birds and the bees'. I think there was also some discussion about 'the snip' :-) Never mind, the baby arrived on Wednesday. I haven't met her yet but her name is Kaylee Grace and I made this quick quilt for her:


Max J. Potter said...

this is nice... your blog is nice!! more pictures~!!

Nola G said...

I'd been wondering what had happened to you recently. I enjoy seeing what you've been doing. Unfortunately I've been just as slack with my blog too. Most of the time it feels like I'm just talking to myself. Anyway, glad to have you back.

Helen Conway said...

I'm still around looking out for you. Or at least my Google Reader is!

Michelle said...

Hi Helen
I often check out your blog, good to have you back...I have started blogging recently too, a good learning experience! I actually live about an hour away from Wanganui and went to your quilt show last year! I enjoy seeing what others are doing so keep up the good work:)