Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What does BBB stand for?*

Earlier today I tried to do a post and, again, this blog didn't show up on my dashboard. But now it has. I wish I understood why these things happen. But, as someone said to me at work today, everything is mysterious to me. (now was that a compliment? No, perhaps not? I was on the computer at work when we had the conversation. Most things on the computer are mysterious to me. Oh well, I figure blogging will only improve my 'puter skills. My son has just walked past and read this post and he says not to say 'puter skills. I should say l337 h4x0r. And I've just told him I'll type dinner when I'm finished. Sheesh, must have been that 5am start I had today.)

Janice likes my 'Crazy Chaos' creation so I don't think I will chop it up. So guess what I'm going to be making tonight....

* Bloody Beta Blogger!!


Linda_J said...

sounds like greek to me, LOL.

Lynette said...

Me too. Greek that is. LOL
Hi Helen, yes I definitely found your blogspot and mine has now appeared out of cyberspace too. Amazing what the right address will do. :-)))