Monday, November 27, 2006

O Bother!

I tried to do a post last night and I couldn't get my blog to come up on my dashboard. So I started another blog at thinking I would never be able to get back to this one ( Today it seems that I can now get into this blog. I guess, as they say, blogger wasn't playing nice!!

Anyway I finished making the 4 flying geese borders for my Triple F Challenge. They are not sewn on yet as I have yet to choose an inner border fabric. I'm thinking about a dark green. I also have to decide what to put in the corners. The top left corner of the centre isn't very square is it? I'll have to fudge that when I sew the inner border on.


Linda_J said...

Blogger can be aggravating as tar sometimes--I kept getting the "no cookies" message when I was trying to get to dashboard last night as well. Finally, it came around to my way of thinking, LOL.

Corners? An hour glass block perhaps but I think it looks good with a plain block as you have it. A green or gold for the inner border?? But floating it with the same colored background looks okay too. Shoot, I'm no help, am I?

I gotta deal with my own mess today and get at that round robin---ugh. Double ugh.

Helen said...

Hi Linda_J

thanks for your suggestions for the quilt and comfort about blogger. Now what do I do with the other blog? Leave it to languish in cyper space? Oh, the decisions one must make in life!!

Janice said...

The flying geese look great Helen. I vote for a gold border but its hard to really say from a photo - green might be best. Pinwheel corners? Or continue the flying geese right into the corners? Is this the last border?