Friday, November 24, 2006

In the Beginning

In the beginning.... I started blogging earlier this year when my friend Janice and I collaborated on a quilt for the Human Rights Challenge at the national Quilt Symposium in Palmerston North in January next year. You can see this blog over on

I have enjoyed blogging very much and so I've decided to start my own blog about my quilt making. I've been making quilts for over 25 years and I class myself as a classic quilt maker. This means I hope that some of my quilts become classics! Well its really more like classically I start a lot of things and finish a few, every now and then.

Right now I am working on a quilt top I designed for our local club over 4 months this year. I called it the Tiple F Challenge: the Fat quarter, Four block, Four month challenge. Each participant was given a wrapped fat quarter of fabric and each month got instructions for part of the quilt. Instead of making one block of the same size each month I designed it in bits and pieces. Here they are:

First month:

Second month:

Third month:

Fourth month:

Here it is all together:

All I have to do is get the border done, layer it, quilt it, bind it, label it all befor Saturday week! I don't think so somehow, specially if I spend any more time on the 'puter.


janice said...

nice pics Helen! And I'm sure you could have it done by Saturday - its a fairly small quilt....

Linda_J said...

Isn't that looking wonderful. Helen, I "met" you over on Finn's blog and decided to see what you were up to!

Love the blocks and welcome to bloggerland!

Hanne said...

Lovely blocks. Happy blogging :-)