Sunday, April 8, 2007

Good Friday Food. . .

. . . a little late, I know but I did make these Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, I was just too tired on Friday night to do the post. I like to make my own and I avoid the buns available in the shops and supermarkets like the plague. Sometimes they are for sale in January!! Perhaps not eating them until Good Friday can be considered a Lenten sacrifice???

Shaped, ready to rise:
After rising:
Crosses on (pretty sloppy, I know):
Ready to eat, yumm:
Making them on good Friday brings back pleasant childhood memories of Hot Cross Buns only on good Friday and chocolate Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday. The only time we got chocolate was at Christmas, Easter and the occasional birthday. We truly live in a time of excess (you only need to look at my fabric stash to know I am one of the guilty ones).

Happy Easter!


meggie said...

Your Hot Cross Buns look wonderful.
When I grew up, we also only had chocolate at Easter, Christmas & birthdays. Getting a box of chocolates was such a treat! I think it is a shame, the way such things have become everyday, as there is very little that is 'special' any more.

janice said...

Sad story: Sarah made proper easter buns for us on Friday, I put the remainder of them under the grill to have with soup for lunch today and forgot them until they were burnt!! Oh no. We had to have heated up waffles from the freezer instead.

teodo said...

UHM! This post is like an invitation.
Thanks. ciao ciao

mereth said...

Your buns look very tempting, wonky crosses or not.I used to love yeast cooking, my cinnamon scrolls were famous. And the hot cross buns are worth making for the smell alone-divine!

We always got a little box of Dairy Milk chocolates at Easter, and occasionally my father would bring home a 4 oz (125g?) block of chocolate. Somehow the five of us shared it and it was so special, but we can't have had much each. Perhaps that was why it was special!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy Easter! The Hot Cross buns look temptingly delicious... I can imagine how wonderful the kitchen smelled... ahhhhh. I've never baked them from scratch, but may just give it a try.

Archaic Dome said...

I'd love to have your recipe!