Saturday, April 7, 2007

Steamy Summer Sunrise done in a week!

I am mighty pleased with myself. I finished my art piece today and have called it 'Steamy Summer Sunrise'. It measures approx 30" by 38". I did the edging using varigated rayon thread and a 3-step zig-zag stitch with the stitch length at 0.2 and the stitch width at 7 (Elna 6005) and then I trimmed close to the stitching with scissors. It is not hanging totally straight so I am going so wet it and block it in the hope that it will behave a bit better. The photo shows it smoothed against my design wall where it behaves nicely, but hanging in free air it is not so good. I need to make a label and hanging sleeve but it is as good as done!

I showed it at quilt club today and several people were very interested in how I had done the edge. One thought I had gone around 3 times and another thought I had used a triple needle!
Close-up of the quilting:

Left edge:

Bottom edge:

Right edge


janice said...

its fabulous Helen! well done you! i'm going to use that edging treatment on my next odd shaped quilt, its so much nicer and neater than facing it as I've done on a couple. And you said you had used metallic thread in the bobbin when you quilted with metallic on the top. Did you also use variegated rayon in the bobbin for the edging?

atet said...

Fantastic work! The quilting detail really lets me see how fabulous this must look in person. I hope you are planning on hanging this somewhere special.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

As for getting it to hang the way you see it on your design board, here's a method that worked for one of my oddly shaped pieces.

A piece of foam core board was shaped to the top 6" (or so) of the quilt. A fabric facing the same depth of the foam core was stitched to the back of the quilt. Insert the foam core board and loosely slip-stitch the facing to enclose the board. A sleeve can be added to the outside of the facing if it's to hang in a show. Otherwise, picture hanging hardware with brads meant to be pressed into a frame can be imbedded into the foam core and then stitched to the facing to keep it there.