Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm an easily distracted girl

Earlier this week instead of finishing my string blocks I decided to sew this:
It started out life as a demonstration to a non quilter of how to strip-piece, sew a quarter inch seam and what a 9 patch is and it was this size:
18" by 30", not much use for anything. I needed something simple to take to sew at the Kiwiquilters get together last Saturday so I made some more blocks there. It now measures 44" by 68" with the red first border. You can see I am contemplating the other borders. Maybe I shouldn't use the blue background as a border. Kind of washes it out. What do you think?? It needs the wider border to make it big enough to go on a single bed (that's a twin for anyone from America.) I can't say I love it but I don't hate it either and I will use it to practice my machine quilting. That's if I can get it finished. Nothing done today - I've been feeling like I'm incubating the 'flu and I spent the day reading and falling to sleep, several times. Just as well it's the - soon to come to a screeching halt - holidays.

Actually, I did do 2 loads of washing (laundry) washed and folded, went to the supermarket, picked up He of Honeybunch Fame from his holiday job, cooked a yummy dinner of chicken casserole, potatoes, corn, silverbeet and cabbage and rice pudding. (I can hear some of you going Yuck!) My Japanese student said it was very yummy but when offered some more asked if he could have icecream 'cos he likes that more! So in between the reading and sleeping I did some normal life stuff, I'm going to stop calling it 'doing nothing'.


janice said...

no, i'd definitely not use the background in the border, or not a very wide bit anyway. Can you introduce a stronger blue in there instead?

atet said...

Yeah, that "doing nothing" tends to exhaust me too. Isn't it amazing how that "nothing" can take up your entire day?

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Great quilt! How about a dark blue wider border?