Thursday, April 19, 2007

This looks better

I found some spotty blue fabric (in my stash!) to use as the border. Thanks for the suggestions folks. This looks much better:
Now I just need to sew another narrow red border and a wider yellow border and it will be ready to baste. So why aren't I doing this now instead of blogging??

I had a big quilty day today. I think I told you my friend Janice has bought a quilting frame ( A NZ produced one called a Swiftquilter) and a Juki machine to go with it. The frame arrived yesterday but the machine went by a different route and is not due until tomorrow. Today we went to visit Jill, a Kiwiquilter in Waikanae (about 2 hours drive from here), who has one of these frames and she very generously gave us a thorough demonstration of how it works and what to do. Boy is there a lot to learn!


Nancy said...

You know, I did like this before but it is MUCH better with the addition of the blue border. Gives it a WOW factor. :-)

Rose Marie said...

Cheddar cheese and blue ... great colours!

meggie said...

What a difference a blue makes! Looking very good.
Have fun paying with the new toy.

Mary said...

I love this with the blue border. I use blue a lot with my quilts. It seems to work especially well with a lot of my scrap quilts.