Monday, June 18, 2007

A Coffee Moment I DIDN'T Need!

What a day!

I spilt coffee over my form class' school reports today. Eek, a swear word did leave my lips, but not the really bad one. Our students take 7 subjects, each one has a report on half an A4 sized sheet of paper, plus a cover sheet. I was sorting and reading through 25 students worth of them when my elbow knocked my coffee over. Well, I mean I didn't ASK my elbow to do it did I? Nothing for it but to type up a note to attach to them (apologising and asking for them to be reprinted) and put them back in the other teachers' pigeon holes. We did manage to save a large portion of them but there are about 70 to be reprinted. So I won't be flavour of the month but at least they are done on the computer and not hand-written. And why did Helen have coffee near her reports? I hear you ask. 'Cos it was my non-contact period and I had duty in the next break. A gal needs her caffeine fix!

On a quilty note I have been working on our club's raffle quilt. We are doing "Passing Fancy" by Kim Deihl from her book Simple Traditions (used with permission). I have hand appliqued the vine and stems on one side border and this is what it looks like (the colour isn't good):

Flowers, leaves and berries need to be added (and 3 more to be done). Frances has done one of the corner blocks and you can see this on our club blog here. I have done part of another corner block but Frances has taken it away to finish the leaves and berries for me. Progress is being made.


Janice said...

doncha just love computers? doncha?? When I'm not feeling particularly competent i'd far rather work on my computer with its escape, undo, reprint, save buttons than work with fabric and a sewing machine (or paper and coffee). There is much greater potential for doing something disastrous and permanent with physical materials than there is with my lovely computer!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

It could have been worse Helen - you could have spilled the coffee on a quilt!

Shelina said...

I spilled coffee on a phone at work once - didn't work anymore. :( I'm glad the reports could be reprinted.
Your applique vine looks so skinny! Looks like it would be hard for me to do. It is really pretty, and my mind is already whirling about using it as a quilting design.