Monday, June 4, 2007

Community Quilts Stacked!

It was Community quilt hand-in day at club last Saturday. We got 52 quilts for distribution, which is an awesome effort. To see the quilts displayed around at the meeting visit our Cotton On Quilters blog here. You can also see the Show & Tell photos.

This is what 52 community Quilts look like stacked up on a bed. Don't they look great!

Today is a public holiday, Queen's Birthday (although it is not the Queen's actual birthday - very good of her to give us a day off though). I am having a sewing day at my house with some good friends. Which is great 'cos it made me do some tidying (how long will that last?). Janice has just arrived so I'm off to have some fun.


kirsty said...

Wow! That's some achievement! Well done, Cotton On quilters :D

meggie said...

Oh those quilts look fabulous all piled up there.
Enjoy your day!
Wouldnt you think that OZ & NZ would get their acts together & have Queens birthday on the same weekend. Ours is next weekend.

Fiona said...

Those quilts look superb all together.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

The Queen ishaving her unofficial birthday here next Monday. Your big stack of quilts looks great, and I am in awe of your perseverence with that cutting job.

atet said...

Great effort by your group! Isn't it amazing how the idea of having company makes us clean like madwomen? I always forget how much I've let slide until I have to scurry to do it.

teodo said...

Thanks, how many quilts and all are beautiful.
ciao ciao

Elaine Adair said...

Wow! That stack of quilts is very impressive!

No jokes about beginning quilting. One day I will post what mine looked like. Dumb as a post, I was! LOL Yours was just fine.

jovaliquilts said...

So impressive! I checked out your Cotton On quilters blog and you guys make fabulous quilts for donation! I keep a charity quilt blog for my guild and will put a link to Cotton On in the sidebar, if that's ok with you.