Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Pin Container . . .

Well, here it is. It really isn't much to look at but I love it. It is round, which makes putting the lid on easier. It has that little pin cushion on the lid, which gives me somewhere to put the hand sewing needles. It is just the right size to fit next to my machine (that's the one that isn't going, by the way, and which I haven't yet made a decision about). The lid is indented and to replace the crumbling foam rubber that was originally there I cut a circle of card the right size and a circle of fabric bigger and ran a gathering thread around the fabric. I stuffed it with a scrap of batting, gathered the fabric around the card, tied it off and glued it in place.

It will probably shatter apart if I drop it on something hard because that hard plastic gets brittle with age. Perhaps I should be hunting the second hand shops for another one?? I don't think I've seen this type of container in the shops for a long time. Okay, that does make me sound sad, doesn't it?

It is a bit bereft of pins at the moment. I have some new ones to put in, somewhere . .


meggie said...

My mother had one of those pin containers. I wonder what happened to it??
I get attached to 'things' too, & have to remind myself not to care too much!
I have a little clock in a wooden stand, & the clock has sadly died. I am thinking to use the hole (Where the clock should be) for a pincushion, as I love the wooden stand with little ducks carved on it.

Tanya said...

Your pin box looks like it's well loved! Just as it should be! Thanks for showing!

jovaliquilts said...

I used to have a container similar to this, but it was red plastic (couldn't see through it) and square. It was very handy having the extra pins down below, but I had to be careful not to drop it and have pins fly everywhere! Good luck finding another one!

Nemo said...

The funny thing is, I think they still sell these here in Norway.. *hmm* Not completely sure though, but I do believe I saw one not long ago.. I could take a look around, if you want me to. :)