Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Over The Hump

It is Wednesday night of the last week of the second term and a lovely sense of calmness has descended upon me. The shortest day (but not the coldest, which is usually about 6 weeks after the shortest) has come and gone, the reports are done and I finished some other paperwork deadlines today at work (tedious marking and self evaluations and all that stuff) and written my piece for the next club newsletter. There are only 2 more days of term and we are halfway through the year! Over the hump! Holiday time! Yipee!

I'm going shopping on Saturday, using Janice's quilting machine on Sunday, taking my Thai homestay to the airport on Monday, Club day on the next Saturday, committee meeting Tuesday after that, picking up new homestay from Vietnam (well he's from Vietnam, I'm picking him up from the airport), working on the raffle quilt, using Janice's quilting machine, working on a quilt for a challenge, sewing curtains for the laundry, using Janice's quilting machine, finishing the attic window community quilt (which only needs the binding hand sewn), catching up on reading and commenting on blogs, using Janice's quilting machine, planning next term's work clean the house, tidying the sewing area, using Janice's quilting machine - all in two weeks. Did I say a sense of calmness had descended?

Another view of that wonderful walking foot:


teodo said...

This sewing machine is fantastic.
How many things do you do?!
How is your sense of calmess?
ciao ciao

Shelina said...

Helen, you certainly sound busy. When you pick up the homestays, do they stay with you? It would be so interesting to have people from different countries stay. We are going to have a Japanese student stay at our house this summer for about three weeks. We've got a long list of things to do with them!

Janice said...

sounds like a busy but not too busy break for you! by the way, Stacy says you don't have to check in with him whenever you are coming to use the quilting machine, he says if he sees the room in use by genuine quilters he won't worry..., that might or might not be Kaz's view though...

meggie said...

Woo hoo! Dont forget to breathe!

My brother has had 3 Homestays. One from Brazil, who was great, one from Germany, who was very rude, was racist, (my SIL is Chinese/Samoan) & odd about his food, and the last one from Japan, who was very polite & very studious!

Diana said...

Sounds like you are going to be very, very busy! How long do your homestays stay with you?