Sunday, January 7, 2007

Another crummy photo

I found the camera cord. It wasn't eaten after all. This is the photo I had taken of the stack and whack quilt I finished the other day. I couldn't check how the image would look on the 'puter 'cos I didn't have the camera cord. Now I have the camera cord the image is blah and I no longer have the quilt . It is on loan to a fabric shop in Palmerston North, with some others of mine and a couple of my friends, to display during Symposium.

This is the same photo rotated. Which way do you think the quilt should hang? I can't decide which looks better.

Now that I have looked at the blurry photo for a while I have decided that a blurry image is good for seeing the rotational effect of each block. I'm not sure if I love this quilt or not. I swapped the fabric with someone else because they liked my fabric better and I didn't particularly like what I had. Still, it was fun making it. When I get it back I will take another photo to show the quilting. I have decided I need to put heaps more quilting into my quilts. Now I have my trusty old Singer set up with a good darning foot I am finding this easier to achieve. marking is a real pain though. What do others do? Totally freehand? Mark the whole quilt? What do you use to mark? Let me know your secrets.


Janice said...

Hi Helen

I think you need more light when you take the photos, that should give you better colour and more detail. But you are right, this photo does make you focus on the catherine wheel aspect of the blocks. And I like it hanging better 'portrait' rather than 'landscape'.

Nola G said...

Hi Helen, I agree with Janice, more light. I used to use 400asa speed film in my old SLR and when I switched to digital I now change the camera setting to 400. This often allows you to use available light without the flash firing which I find shows up the quilting better.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

I too prefer the vertical format for your piece ... there's more energy than when the presentation is horizontal. Stack and whack is such fun. Like eating peanuts. To see one of mine go to the "Land of Oz" posted in Sept,2006.

As for figuring out and marking quilting patterns my recommendation is in the posting "Quilting and Press'n Seal" in November,2006.

To view the list of postings for time periods, click on the "?" mark in front of the year listing. I don't know why Blogger has a question mark rather than the rotating triangle icon. I think they're still working out the bugs for the upgraded format that I just installed. I do recommend the change. Adding information to and rearranging the sidebar is now easy to do.

anne bebbington said...

Helen - your quilt looks great either way - it depends what sort of wall shape you wish to fill - however if it was left to me personally my vote goes with portrait along with the others so far - as for quilting I'm definitely one of the 'go where the needle takes you' brigade but mailnly because I'm too bone idle to mark anything :o)

teodo said...

the colors of your caleidoscope are very harmonious I like viola ciao

Shelina said...

I like the quilt - my favorite colors, kaleidoscope effectyou can't go wrong with any direction!
Marking quilts - I try to find a way so I don't have to mark - so free hand designs work well. Other times, I will use masking tape to mark lines (I can't stay in the ditch). I also like individual motifs - for those I use freezer paper.