Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I finished it!

The edges are a bit wavy (oops, I must measure my borders properly instead of guesstimating, the quilt police will be out hunting for me) and the photo is pretty crappy but it is finished! Yiippeeeee. First quilt completed in 2007. What a great start to the year. I have to wash it to get the blue marker pen and the spray starch out of it completely so I'll give the borders a good press and beat them into shape. I have heavily quilted this quilt, the most I have ever done. The thread ends are not that great but hey, it's not a competition piece.

The colours in the photos are not that great either. The bottom half of the third photo is a wee bit more realistic as to colour. The first two are washed out and too pale. Here is a close up of the quilting.
I used rayon thread top and bottom, with a topstitch needle, and free-motioned it on my old Singer 201 (1963 model I think). It sews like a dream and at 100 miles an hour and is inset into its own table. It also has a lot more room under the arm than my modern Elna 6005.

I was having trouble with the darning foot I was using. I had broken the first one I got from my friendly sewing machine mechanic and this was the second one which I hadn't really tried out 'cos I wasn't getting around to doing any quilting (I can offer no excuse in my defence other than the usual "too busy"). Not enough space underneath it to go over the seams without catching. My friendly sewing machine mechanic (who is semi-retired) came around yesterday - New Year's Day - public holiday!, along with his wife, with some other feet to try. Now I have a better one. His wife did say to me that they were telling others who rang he would be back at work on Wednesday ( I think she had a smile on her face). But for me they made a house call. Isn't that great!! Actually they are friends and she went home with my box of Quilting Arts magazines to take away on holiday with her, so I think she was pretty happy with the deal. Seems like a fair trade, don'tcha think?

I wish I had been blogging when I broke the first darning foot. It was quite something to see. the needle disappeared and when I looked at the broken foot the needle was embedded into the plastic guide part in 3 pieces! I wish I had taken a photo of it before I threw it away.


Janice said...

its lovely Helen, really lovely, soft and spring-like. Wahoo for finishing!

Shelina said...

Helen, both of the quilts you show are so pretty, and your quilting is exquisite!

I don't see a problem with the borders in your picture, but I don't measure borders either. I lay the quilt flat on the floor. Then I take my border strip and lay it flat over the center of the quilt. Then I cut it to size, being careful not to cut the quilt top. No measuring, no math errors.

When I sew I do make sure I pin in the middle first, and in the sides, then the center of that and again, to make sure everything is eased in properly.