Saturday, January 13, 2007

A made a windmill block!

There is no particular reason to be so excited about making this block, except to say that I started it after I made the previous post last night. I drew it up myself (an original design - wahoo!) and it is for the block draw at Symposium. So I will probably never see it again after next week. Here it is recorded for posterity!! (Well, electronic posterity anyway). I hope whoever wins it will like it. I have to go now. Frances is breathing down my neck itching to leave for a fabric shopping session!!


Erica said...

Helen, I visited a friend who lives near Palmerston North last year and as soon as I saw this block it took me back. What an evocative image it is!

Helen said...

Thanks Erica. I'm glad you like it

Shelina said...

Very nice block. I recently read a quilting history book, and they talked about windmills in it and what a big event it was to get a windmill up. Hadn't given it much thought before, except to think they were pretty.