Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Techno Literacy

Helen Conway visited my blog and left a comment on my post 'Great Blog Read'. I had lamented that I couldn't quilt and be on the computer at the same time. She said, "Try voice recognition technology!" Now that's a great idea. I'm going to mention it to my quilt buddy who is a 'puter whizz. She'll have it up and running in not time at all, won't you Janice!(vbg)

I am of the age when I can remember getting our first TV and it started transmission at 5 pm. We were the first house in our street to get one (this did NOT mean we were the richest!) . People (read 'men') from the neighbourhood visited when the rugby was on. We had an old chesterfield couch with big arms and back and there would be 3 on the couch seat, 2 perching on the top of the back of the couch, one on each arm and 2 on the floor in the front, between the legs of the 3 on the couch. It was like a mini-grandstand! I resented them taking OUR seats 'cos we had to sit on the floor, well out of the way. Getting my own wristwatch at age 13 and a transistor radio, that I could play in my bedroom, at age 15 was a really big deal! Now I'm blogging in cyberland and communicating with people on the other side of the world. Of course I still know next to nothing about computers and am always showing my ignorance by asking dumb questions. But hey, I'm having FUN.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Welcome to the World Wide Web. I have been in the computer business for over 35 years and I am still amazed at what that little black box on my desk can do.

Thank-you for stopping by my blog and I have added yours to my bloglines.

Janice said...

Oh, Voice Recognition - yes, that'd do it - and its so cheap now!! when I got RSI in oh, '97 or '98 ACC paid NZ$2500 for Voice Recognition software for me so I could continue working. And I had to sign a form saying I would make no further claim for any RSI related problems. I used VR for about 4 years before I felt able to use the computer with my hands all the time. I still have to limit my computer use though and make sure I take breaks. So, yes, I could set it up for you but believe me, if you are a touch typist, you would only want to use VR if you are in pain, otherwise there is absolutely no incentive. Its just plain awkward*.

Helen said...

I knew there would be a catch somewhere!

Helen Conway said...

Yes the internet is amazing but have you noticed how ( at least in my house) the men stil come and take over the sofa for rugby games.... its as if only half of us evolved.... oh you knew that?!!