Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shopping up a Storm

We went shopping today. We knew that one of our favourite fabric shops, Arthur Toye's, would be putting out some new fabric for Symposium shoppers. We thought they would put them out next Thursday or Friday, but a little birdie told us that they had started to put it out already and that it would all be out by the end of yesterday. Could we wait until next week? Could we heck!!

Off we went this morning to be tempted by 8oo bolts of new fabric, 8oo! We could hardly believe it. We got to the shop half an hour before opening time (I forgot they opened later on Saturdays). Frances and Lorraine go off to have coffee. Now you have to understand that I am a coffee devotee. I would normally go straight off with them, but I thought I would take a peek in the window first so I would know where to head first. I think I was almost drooling and definitely swooning at the thought of stroking so many new fabrics. My coffee hardly hit the sides and I was back out at the shop, still before opening time. I was concentrating so hard on what was in the window that Lorraine had to tell me the shop was open and we could go in. So much for being first inside the door!

The first photo is fabrics that we got for Janice who couldn't come with us today. I hope she likes them. My favourite is the tree fabric. Janice, if you don't want it, it's mine!
The second photo is Frances' fabrics. The 3 smaller pieces of batik on the left were from a different shop. Frances is very good at picking lights. She got a lot of pastels today.The third photo is Lorraine's choices. That's 4 different colourways of the stripe there in the middle. Dusty pink, red, dark green and light pink. My pick is the yellow (7 from the right). It is a lovely clear yellow in real life (and I didn't get any!!)
This photo is my rather 'small' lot! My pick is all of them (well obviously, doh) But I especially like the gold print on the bottom right. It is a Debbie Mumm fabric, but not one I've seen before.
The last photo is fabric we got on behalf of our local quilt club for use in community quilts. We think they will make great borders.


Angie said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! LOVE all of them!! You girls made a wonderful bunch of selections! Loved seeing these luscious fabrics! Go play! :)

janice said...

they are lovely thanks Helen! Very useful additions to my stash for symposium. I might call in this afternoon to pick them up...

Joy said...

Wonderful picks. I am heading down to Palmerston this week so I know where I will be heading first!