Sunday, December 31, 2006

I've Been Quilting!

This is the reverse side of a quilt I have been quilting over the last few days. Getting the quilting done is always the hardest part for me. Once I have the quilt layered I tend to lose interest. this one was doubly hard because I had done half the quilting and realised that I was going to have big puckers on the front. So I had to undo what I had done and start again. The quilting is all done. It has way more quilting than I have ever done on a quilt, so it's a pat on the back for me. Tomorrow I am going to put on the binding and it will be finished. Yeah! I'll post a piccy of the front when it is done. The quilt is one I designed for my quilt club for a Mystery Half-Nighter. Needless to say I had only got the top done by the time of the class. I will have it to' show and tell' at the first club meeting of the year in February. Good way to start the year!


Jan said...

that is very impressive Helen - I love your use of spirals in the centre of a flower AND as a filler between the flowers - I'm jealous that I haven't thought of something like that!

sammy_bunny said...

"Finished!" is the best feeling ever.

YankeeQuilter said...

I'm with you...the quilting and the binding are the two hardest parts of quilting. Now if I could just pick out fabric and patterns all day it would be soooo easy!