Friday, December 15, 2006

Bargain of the Century! (NZ dollars)

I went shopping today and in Spotlight on the clearance table they had some Heat and Bond Vinyl on sale for $1.00 per metre. Helen thinks to herself, "thats quite cheap, I'll try some on a bag for my cutting mat for Symposium (the one I AM going to make in the next month)". So I bought 5 metres. Cost $5.oo - really cheap. After ringing up the sale, the sales lady tells me I have saved $144.75, it was originally $29.95 per metre! No wonder I have never bought it before. That's a 96.7% discount. I paid just 3.3% of the original price. I also got some Hydrostick. This is a product I have never seen but apparently you moisten it with a sponge to stick it on the back of your embroidery as a stabiliser. Machine embroidery I presume. What the heck, its worth it to try it out. 5 metres of this at $1.00 per metre and a saving of $84.95! (Original price $17.99 per metre!)I also got 5 metres of some fusible interfacing - the woven kind - also for $1.00 per metre. I don't know what the original price of this was because the sales lady couldn't find a bar code. But it is bound to be more than $1.00 per metre. After walking around for a bit I decided the rest of the vinyl was calling me "take me home', so I then got what was left on the roll. Another 13 metres, savings of $376.35!! A total savings of over $606.05 for an outlay of $28.00! Pick me up off the floor!!


janice said...

wow!! Only a mathematician would go to the trouble of working out that that was a 96.7% discount! Now, why didn't I see that when I was at Spotlight last week?

Shelina said...

Wow, you got some incredibly super deals! Good for you! I am more of the leery type - if something is that cheap, I wonder what's wrong with it. I hope you can find good uses for all of your products. I wish there was a Spotlight around here!