Monday, December 11, 2006

The Quilt is posted and EQ6 has arrived!

It's a day of snail mail today. The quilt my friend Janice and I have been making for a challenge at our national Quilting Symposium in January got posted today. It's nice to be done with it and not feel guilty for getting on with something else. Then when I got home from work my EQ6 package was waiting in the mail box. Yipee. I don't have EQ5 so it will be a big learning curve for me.

My son thinks I should have bought 3 'puter games for the price of EQ6 - no way buddy! Then his suggestion was that I read the manual cover to cover before I install it. (Ha, I'm wise to that one - we compete for computer time - but I'm the boss!) Actually I'm a manual kind of person. You know "when all else fails, read the instructions", so I probably will give it more than a passing glance. It'll be my bed time reading for tonight.

This photo is of Janice and Terry's delphiniums. This is where the garden party was held. So pretty.


Jan said...

nice photo Helen - we don't often get general shots like that without fence posts or wires or labels or shadehouses in the background.... can I have a copy of the file? It'd be great to use for the advertising for the next garden party!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog, Helen.
Great to see the photos of the Triple F challenge.....may have given me some inspiration to finish mine!

Anonymous said...

Some of those flowers were taller than us. It was a beautiful day.