Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Triple F Challenge...

...was judged last Saturday at club. I decided to make it a viewer's choice so that I didn't have to make the decision. Two people got equal votes and isn't it terrible because I think I have a photo of only one of them. One of the photos I took was so blurry I deleted it. And I don't think I got around to taking photos of all of them. So my apologies to Rae who was co-winner with Frances. Here are some photos that I did take:

This one was in Christmas colours. The fat quarter fabric was the one in the points of the Ohio Star block (top, left). I like the yellowy-gold colour.

The fat quarter fabric for the next one was the goldy brown colour, also in the points of the the Ohio Star. Please excuse the piece of calico hanging down in the top right hand corner of the photo. It is not a boo-boo by the quilter!

This next one is one of the two winning ones. Frances used some UFO blocks she had and put them with the Triple F blocls. She is hand quilting it. I love the result. Can you pick the Triple F blocks? I'm sorry I can't show you the other winning one. I'll have to put on my detective hat and find out which quilt was Rae's.

I love the pastel colours of this one. I don't remember what the fat quarter fabric was to start with. A very different effect.

And here is another completely different effect. A couple of the blocks were put together differently as well.

I feel very proud of my quilting buddies. It is very rewarding seeing something I have designed being made up. Some of these ladies were really working out of their comfort zone.

Time bye byes...

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Shelina said...

These quilts are beautiful. It is amazing how different they can look with a different setting, and different colors. I like the winner the best too - I think the additional blocks, and additional colors adds a lot of interest.