Sunday, December 10, 2006

I survived...

...the teenager's 16th birthday party. Actually he was 16 over a month ago but he announced to me, without any prior discussion, that he would have his party after his exams were finished. Way go go, son. Mature decision plus proud mum. Every year I say that this will be his last party and the response is "yeah, yeah". So how old do they have to be before you can really 'no more'? He always has sleep-overs and I don't really have to do anything except supervising the removal of all the lounge furniture, rustling up some extra bedding and mattresses to go on the floor, buy some pizzas and coke and nibbles. The problem is he moves the computer into the lounge so they can play computer games which means I am computer-less for 24 hours. I HAVE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS!!

Here are some more of the Triple F challenges. The first one's fat quarter fabric I think, from memory, is the yellow with what look like little black spots fabric. I'm sorry I couldn't remember who this belonged to. I love the bright colours.

The second one is Heather's. Her fat quarter fabric was the multi-pattern one which is in the corners of the top left block. This fabric was an Aussie print and Heather was very pleased because she acquired some more (in a swap or something similar, I think) and was crowing that she definitely wouldn't run out of it to put in each month's blocks! Of course I already knew that a fat quarter would be plenty :-)

This last picture is of Janice's entry which didn't make it into club on the day because she was unable to attend. It was supposed to arrive via someone else in time for the judging but, sadly, the communication wires didn't work in harmony. Janice has really taken the challenge apart and made it her own. Can you recognise all the challenge blocks?

Seeing this quilt top makes me feel like my creation has 'gone forth and multiplied'. This whole exercise has been a lot of fun, and very rewarding for me. It is way cool to see what everyone has done with their fabric and pattern. I chuckled at the puzzled looks when they said "I don't know what this little block is for". I smiled when they said "I have no idea how it is supposed to go together". Frances reminded me the other day that she hadn't even realised the the third month's block was a different size to the first two months! (What was that about reading the instructions through before commencing the project?)


cebuwana said...

hi! those are very nice quilting works!!

Shelina said...

These are more nice works. The bright one caught my eye, and Janice's work is exquisite.
As to your question about birthdays. You are never too old to celebrate a birthday! Like you, my work at birthday parties has diminished. My daughter does the cleaning, the entertaining, etc., and all I have to do is stay out of the way and transport and pay for the food. And iike you, I'm not always informed about the parties either.