Sunday, December 10, 2006

What's in the basket

Janice asked what was in the raffle basket I won today:

Box of Christmas crackers (made in Indonesia)
2 Christmas tree decorations (no known pedigree)
Box of Griffins sampler biscuits (a New Zealand icon - they came in a tin when I was a kid)
Arnotts cheeseboard crackers (product of Australia, but we won't hold it against them)
Dilmah English Breakfast tea (I drink coffee)
Captains Table water crackers (made in China!)
Earnest Adams traditional shortbread (made in NZ)
Earnest Adams rich fruit Christmas pudding (this one doesn't say where it is made. We'll fight with the Aussies for it)
Signature Range brandy fruit mince pies (back to the Aussies for this one)
Shultz (reminds me of the sergeant in Hogans Heros) pretzels
Lings orange and lemon slices fruit jelly lollies (back to China)
Signature Range honey roasted peanuts (obviously, these can't be NZ made - we don't grow them here. Says made in NZ from imported and local ingredients. Mostly imported I'd say)
Signature Range cashew nuts (yum - and see above))
Signature Range tortilla chips (same as the nuts)
Signature Range hot salsa (not too hot I hope. Same pedigree as the nuts)
Comvita active manuka honey (very healthy NZ product) US fancy grade (buy some and help our NZ economy)
Pasall Fruit Burst lollies (made in NZ - definitely not healthy)
Cotterill & Rouse tamarillo chutney (sounds delishimo - another NZ product - probably healthy)
Signature Range festive rich fruit cake (back to the Aussise on this one - 39% dried fruit so some of it must be healthy, musn't it?)
Santa Rosa smoked chicken (definitely NZ grown - like me, but I'm not smoked)
Havoc espresso ground coffee - now thats more like it. Specially roasted here in Wanganui (from imported beans, well obviously). I had just bought a packet of this coffee from the stall so now I have 2!!! (but not for long)
Nikau Point Hawkes Bay Chardonnay (now we are getting to the good stuff)
Montana Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon (both wines made in good old NZ)
No Chocolate (what? no chocolate? That's definitely the healthiest part of the basket)
and a packet of Deeko Christmas serviettes 'for entertaining' (It says so on the packet.) These are made from local and imported raw materials. Do they need cooking?

so that's a pretty good return for a $2 raffle ticket, don't cha think?

PS: I forgot to say that I didn't actually make the investment. My friend Lorraine bought the ticket for me 'cos I didn't have any cash. And I owe Frances for the coffee. So I think they had better share in the bounty. (They are already coming to Christmas dinner so they will get to share won't they?)

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Shelina said...

Wow, that IS a nice basket of goodies. Well done!